Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inside My Bag-A look into the Supermassive Blackhole

I've seen bloggers and readers all over the Internet post photos of the inside of their handbags over the last couple of years and I've always meant to do it.

Today I'm sharing the contents of my handbag and the stories behind each item. When I decided to do this I promised to be completely honest and not add or remove any items for privacy or storytelling purposes.

Silver filigree pocket mirror- Was a Mothers Day gift 2 years ago from then 5 year old niece. My sister always jokes that I like to look at myself in the mirror so when my niece went shopping on her own at her school sponsored sale she picked this up for me not knowing my sister was insulting me. She is so pure of heart and her innocence and intelligence astounds me. And it's OK to like mirrors and making sure I look OK so it was a win win. It's actually one of my most prized possessions.

My taxes-The IRS is STUPID, nuff' said. They screw me over every year at least once a year.

I'm a gadget girl, it ridiculous how many gadgets I carry around on a daily basis. My Blackberry--I hate whenever this thing notifies me about anything, I do not enjoy structure. Digital camera--I never leave home without a charged camera, you never know when you will step into a moment you want to capture. I like to preserve every memory. Bluetooth ipad keyboard--the best accessory for the ipad I have come across hands down, MIFI portable broadband--This takes my wifi Ipad and gives it access to the internet anywhere, I'm still getting used to it and have encountered issues. My old iphone which no longer functions as a phone as I switched to Blackberry but I cant let go of it as my media player. You cannot use an ipad for music on the go, it would be like carrying a boombox. And I need music, constantly I can not stand silence and there is always an ever changing soundtrack to my life playing on my ipod.

February 2011 Vogue--This months issue features a profile on my favorite designers right now Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough who are the designers/founders of Proenza Schouler. A blog post on my love of their work is forthcoming. I like the direction that Vogue is going in wuth their cover models this year. January-Natalie Portman, February Kristen Stewart, March Lady Gaga and Rhianna is expected for April. Anna Wintour is focusing on talent and edge this year after devoting multiple covers to her protege Blake (look at my boobs) Lively last year.

Drawing by my niece-We had a small party for my nephew at home on his 3rd birthday the other day. My niece made up party games and drew pictures as the prizes. I won the beautiful butterfly drawing for pin the S on Superman(she also drew her own Superman). I love this chick.

Ticket Stubs to Tangled, Love this movie makes me want to walk around with a frying pan to chase off any Badguys!

Wallet and make up bag--Both of these come with me everywhere I go. I love that while its fairly simple the clasp and color of this wallet make it very mod and kind of spunky.

Accessories that I got bored of during the day. I love statement rings and wear a large one on my left hand ring everyday but sometimes get bored with it during the day. This one is from Puerto Rico and made with wood from the island and has a pounded sterling face. The barrette was bought at a vintage shop in Baltimore for $1, I adore it and hate that I lost its match.

This card came in my handbag, its hand written by the sales associate at Barney's. I cant really make out what is says but I'm oddly fascinated by it so I kept inside the bag.

Close up of my iPad which I have named baby. I carry it around everywhere and have fallen asleep with under my pillow often.

I enjoy cute things, I tote the owl coin bag everywhere, and my beat up Papyrus heart keychain.

Tarte quilted eyeshadow pallet--I have a highly suggestible personality, I was watching a how to make up video on youtube and this kit was being used, I ran out and bought it at Sephora the same day.

The bag---This an AW/2010 Navy Calfskin hobo from Lanvin. I came by this bag in a very serendipitous way. On the day before our office broke for the holiday break our team gathered for a holiday potluck, during which I was browsing Twitter when Barneys tweeted the start of their year end sale. I quickly shared the info with my office buddy and fellow handbag enthusiast. We both saw and loved the Lanvin hobo. This bag is expensive it definitely a luxury bag with a luxury price tag. But when I went to buy it it was sold out:( When we got back from vacation my friend let me know that the bag was too big for her style (its goes from shoulder to upper thigh) and she was going to return but held onto it in case I wanted it. I fell in lust that moment I put it on my shoulder. The quality on is amazing Ive never felt a leather quite so rich before. Despite it's price tag and the brands pedigree this is not an ostentatious bag at all. It's beauty is in its simplicity and timelessness.

It didn't photograph well in my poorly lit abode but here is a clear look at the bag in camel. I personally really enjoy the grossgrain trim along the opening. and the bonus wristlet it came with.

The thing with a purchase like this even though I love and enjoy it and even with the discount I can't help but feel guilty and I can't help but feel a bit sick. This purchase actually prompted a friend to send me information on Shopaholics Anonymous.

So there it is a look into my bag and my life because each item in here ties to some persons or thing. While the was nothing salacious or sordid in my bag, showing the contents of ones personal belongs is quite daunting.

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