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On Guilty Pleasures & Vampire Copulation

We all have our guilty pleasures some more embarrassing than others. I like any good Trekkie or Star Wars fanatic wear my geeky love out in the open........You see I'm a Twihard ( couldn't someone have come up with a better monikor?)
What's a Twihard? Well a Twihard is someone obsessed with the Twilight Saga books and or I love them both. The writing us crap and full if cheese but the story.....well the story is fuckawesome. I read New Moon is five hours because I had to see how Edward back, I rushed through Eclipse in a day because I needed the triangle with Jacob to be done, Stephanie Meyer with all her faults knew how to keep her audience desperate for what came next.

After I read the books well next step was the movies and they are as campy as the books which is good in a way because I'm seeing the same story not a retouched or flanked up version. While some of the casting is horrid and some if the acting is cringe inducing I became just as hooked on the movies as the books.

I go see the midnight premiers and brave the rabid tweens and Twimoms to get my fix. Scour the internet for the scripts, read all the blogs see the ibterviews etc. The final book in the saga Breaking Dawn is currently being filmed as two movies to be released over the next two years. Eeekkk!!!! Almost two years to see VampBella?? Unfortunately yes, Breaking Dawn part 1 will release on November 18, 2011 and Breaking Dawn 2 which features Bella living as a vampire and the vampire human hybrid Renessme will release in November 2012. Both movies are being filmed at one time to reduce actor aging and to allow for extensive effects.
This will be the longest time between the release of a Twilight movie, which is frustrating as the big things happen in breaking Dawn:

Bella and Edward get married (sorry team Jacob you lost)
Bella and Edward trade in their V cards and have headboard shattering, flying feathers sex in Rio
A vampire baby but fear not the producers are releasing
The bad guys come a callin' etc.

Now even with all these things to look forward to, keeping the interest of an aging and evolving audience for a year and a half is hard which is why over the last few months as the movies filmed the producers have been gifting the loyal fans with
small glimpses of what's to come first up:

This photo was released on Thanksgiving as a gift from Director Bill Condon. When this photo was released I laughed....I mean talk about knowing your audience. See that there is Bella's arm surrounded by feathers....and well the feathers the mean Bella and Edward had an interesting wedding night. I think this was marketing genius it was subtle ,tasteful and left you wanting more. Well played Summit Entertainment, well played.

For Christmas we got this lovely postcard pic:

Sent with a tag line of 'Happy Holidays from the Swan House to yours". Again well done, this pic of what looks lime an ordinary living room is a picture of the house used for Bella and Charlie's house in the movies. Now if we look closely we will notice three very important things:

1----we have 4 stockings hung by the fireplace
2----1 stocking is small and meant for a child
3----the picture of the little girl in the background

This pic is actually a taste of Breaking Dawn part 2 when Bella and her husband Edward (sorry again team Jacob) take their daughter to visit grandpa Charlie for Christmas.

And looky what they released just after the new year:

This is the first official still(a photo of an actual scene) from Breaking Dawn 1 and it's kind of perfect. Twihards the world over were all a quiver over this photo. Twilight is a love story and Edward and Bella are the heart of this story and these movies. This pic is perfect in that is beautiful and tender and portrays the devotion that was detailed in the book. A photo of Edward and Bella doing the bump and grind would have gone against what they've been portrayed to be. This photo is smoking hot and yet classy. Beautifully lit and cropped it was the perfect glimpse at the next chapter in the story. And the actors well they look good, these two have made the movies worth watching. Others things can and have failed in this franchise but Edward and Bella had to be perfect and this casting was spot on.

Now as great as the tidbits from production have been the non official pics are much more telling of the storyline.

Sparing no expense (actually they are a pretty cheap studio) Summit decided to film the honeymoon on Location in various parts of Rio, being an exterior shoot this allowed some fans and the ever present and disturbing paparazzi to get some exciting pics:

Filmed in Lapa these pics show Edward and Bella strolling through the streets of Brazil as the land in Rio. Can I just say I'm loving the look these two are sporting, the Cullens are filthy stinkin rich and we are finally seeing them dresses accordingly and the look lime newlyweds having a fun walk.

Ooh Edwards boat

Filmed in Paraty these are pics of various honeymoon beach outings, again love the styling here and that they spent the money to do this right as opposed to green screening a beach.

The chess board is a cool throwback to the book cover

I have to say I never thought they would put her in a bikini after she wore pants and two shirts in the Eclipse beach scene. These pics are from a waterfall stunt doubles apparently did a jump into the ocean but no pics were taken

These show a bit more of the waterdall location and are pics of the actors in between takes, this is obvious because Edward and Bella don't smoke.

Well there you go there's my look of what's coming in Breaking Dawn part 1. They are being much more secretive with what's coming in part 2 as the 2012 release date is so far off but I will leave you with the latest and most important addition to the ginormous Breaking Dawn cast :

Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee Cullen"

Again great casting at least visually speaking, while there no way to know what her acting ability is she certainly looks like she could be the daughter of the actors who portray her parents. The plan is to use the same CGI technology that was used in Benjamin Button to show her rapid growth. They will use Mackenzie's face and voice on the bodies of younger actresses. And her face will also be adjusted to show how she changes from infant to elementary school age.

PS: I couldn't leave this out, I love how much fun he's having here this is a downtime pic and it's made of win. I mean he's a super famous multi millionaire in his skivvies.

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